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About the product:

We are a Lithuanian-Belarusian company, but our production is
located in Belarus. We also send all orders from Belarus. Belarus is a
small country in Eastern Europe.

For all our products we use 100% European stonewashed linen.

Yes, our fabric has an international OEKO-TEX 100 certificate. OEKO-TEX®
certificate is an unconditional safety guarantee for the end-user.
The fabric itself, as well as the dyes used in production, are harmless and non-toxic.

No. We offer a completely organic product. No chemicals at any of the manufacturing stages.
To soften, we use only high temperatures, small stones that are in linen pouches, and multi-
stage water purification system.

Stonewashed - softening with stones. We don’t use chemicals, but only small stones, very high temperatures and
multi-stage water purification system.

Organic in each process. As a result, soft tissue with a wrinkled effect is pleasant for the skin. Should not be confused
with the ordinary washing process, washing makes bedding clean, the stonewashed process softens the fabric and
gives it a special look.

Color transfer depends entirely on the technical capabilities of your computer,
as well as the screen resolution of your monitor. In reality, the color may be a little
lighter or a little darker. That is, the difference is possible, but only in shade.

Each subsequent roll of the same color may differ from the previous one. Because the color
of the raw material depends on many factors. From where the linen grew, how much light
and moisture it got. So, yes, the color can vary. We recommend making an order at a time.

Yes, we can make any size for bed linen, for table linen or for curtains.
Please contact us and and we’ll calculate the price.

We abide to the concept of easy care. You can wash with your hands or in the washing
machine.You can use cold water or water 30-40°C (86-104°F). Be sure to use a dryer,
it is the dryer that gives the linen softness. Do not iron.

* But you can iron napkins, bed and table runners, scarves. You can also use a steamer for these
products to give them a beautiful appearance after washing

Please you can find out more information here.

Of course, we recommend using a dryer. It is it that gives linen softness.
We recommend using average temperatures.

No. Stonewashed linen doesn’t need to be ironed. The size of the product includes additional
fabric to shrink, if the linen is ironed, such additional increases are not needed. After ironing the
linen, you will increase it in size exactly as much as we have added to the shrinkage. Offering you
stonewashed linen, we save your time.

* But you can iron napkins, bed and table runners, scarves. You can also use a steamer for these
products to give them a beautiful appearance after washing.

Delivery and Dispatch:

Yes, we ship worldwide.

For all our products we use 100% European stonewashed linen.

Customs duties completely depend on the laws adopted in your country. No additional fees or taxes are applied for
orders within the USA and Canada. For other countries customs fees may apply. Unfortunately, we have no control
over these charges and cannot foresee what the relating costs might be as customs policies and import duties vary
widely from country to country.

To obtain complete and accurate information about customs duties, you need to contact the customs authorities of
your country. You can also ask questions and we will try to help you.

We accept payment with PayPal. It is reliable. This method fully
ensures the safety of your payment information.

Unfortunately, no. The order cannot be canceled, we don’t have finished
products and each order is fulfilled specifically for you.
Please, we are ready to help in choosing the right and appropriate
product for you. Contact us before purchase.

Changes to the order can be made within 6 hours after placing the order.
After your order has been processed, any changes are impossible.
Please, we are happy to assist you in any way before placing an order.

If you are using a standard delivery method via public postal services,
your order will arrive at your local post office, for example for the United
States is the local USPS post office.

Return and exchange:

Yes, you can return your product within 30 days of receipt.
Please, read our store's return policy.

Yes, you can exchange goods within 30 days after receiving.
Please, more information in Return Policy.