About linen

Dear friends, how do you guide your choice of fabric? Will it change your mind if you choose bed-linen or clothes, curtains or tablecloth? In our shop, we offer 100% flax. And we would like to share with you some interesting facts about this material.

So, fascinating facts about flax:

1. Linen fiber is the most versatile material - it makes the widest range of all possible fabrics from the finest batiste cloth to the strong canvas for fire hoses and ropes! Linen clothes have been worn by humans since ancient times and are still very popular. Tablecloths, napkins, towels, bed-linens, curtains, linen covers, made of linen fabric are valued costly because of their high consumer qualities - practicality, durability, beauty! The linen technical fabrics are widely used in industry for making bags, protective clothing, etc.

2. Flax has the most valuable, truly unique hygienic properties - high air permeability and the ability to prevent heat and moisture. In the air gap between clothes and body, the temperature is 3-4 degrees lower than in the environment! Linen fabrics perfectly absorb moisture, meanwhile the appearance remains practically dry, that’s why linen clothes in the heat don’t «cling» to the body. And it is very comfortable to sleep on the bed-lines on hot summer nights.

3. The linen canvas has bactericidal properties. Flax is a natural antiseptic. Scientists have found that bacteria don’t live on linen fabric and wounds under the linen bandages heal faster. Flaxy filaments are used when internal sutures are applied - the body accepts them and gradually they are absorbed.

4. Due to the natural phenols that remain in the fabric, the linen has a beneficial effect on the skin. The wearing of linen clothing greatly improves the condition of people with skin diseases.

5. In addition to physical protection, linen fabric has beneficial effect on a person’s mental state, helping to deal with stress, depression and neurosis, by not allowing negative effects on the person, acting as a filter.

6. Flax firms the immune system! Sleeping on a linen bed helps to increase the immunoglobulin A!

7. Flax in contrast to cotton fabric, after numerous washing only gets better! That’s the property of linen fabric.

To love linen, you have to try it! And I'll tell you honestly that this love will be forever!