Return policy


You can return your product within 30 days of ordering. But! dear friends, we advise you to make a purchase with full confidence in the choice. International shipping is quite expensive and it is better to avoid unreasonable expenses, clarifying all the nuances before making a purchase. Our team is always ready to help you to make the right choice.

*Please, you can also order fabric samples to be fully assured of purchase, if you are looking for a certain color.

If you have decided to return the goods.

  1. Get advice from your post office about the cost of return shipping.
  2. Contact us for a return address and for detailed instructions.
  3. Make sure the product has not been used.
  4. You can use your packaging to send it back.
  5. We recommend using government delivery service for return, it will help to save on cost and will not be taxed by customs.
  6. Please, keep the tracking number, so you can see exactly where your parcel is located.

* If your goods have been lost on the way back, the refund cannot be made. In this case, you will need to contact your post office with a chack and tracking number and write a complaint. After considering the complaint and admitting your parcel is lost, the postal authorities will pay you compensation. You can get all this information from your local post office before sending the parcel.

* If the parcel is damaged on returning we reserve the right to deduct compensation from the cost of your payment.


You can exchange the goods within 30 days from the moment of receipt of your order. You need to contact us before sending the goods back to clarify all questions But! we strongly recommend being fully confident in the choice, because international shipping is quite expensive. Our team is always ready to help, you can also order fabric samples if you are looking for something special.

Please kindly note a buyer is responsible for all postage.

Please, see the instructions for sending back in the RETURN section.


The cost for the returned goods will be refunded in the same way as the payment for the product was made. Return is carried out in full BUT! this excludes all postal expenses and any possible customs and payment fees. Please, wait 2-15 days.

You can find out in advance what cost will be refunded. Just contact us using this form.


We do not accept cancellations. Please, you can get any advice from our team before placing an order. We are always in touch and always happy to help!


Goods that have been purchased from sale, custom orders, fabric samples, gift cards, can not be exchanged and returned!