How does proper nutrition affect life

Most of us used to eat without thinking. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are the rituals that have accompanied us since childhood and very often we repeat the eating habits that were adopted in our parents’ family and eat automatically

Moreover, the rhythm of life that has accelerated in recent decades leaves less time to pay attention to food:

we often eat on foot, go to fast food and snack at work. And for such careless neglect of what we eat, we pay with our health. Food provides energy and building materials to every cell of our body. If the body doesn’t get enough nutrients, the metabolic processes will be disrupted and our health will suffer. You can eat enough and even more normal, but not what you need, and you will face a shortage of certain substances. Filling, abundant food does not guarantee that the body gets everything it needs. It tends to be deficient in some substances and overburdened in others, with the same negative impact on health.

Shortly, food is key to our health, it can be both a poison and a cure.

If our diet lacks the necessary substances or we regularly waste them, metabolic processes will slow down or even stop. Therefore, in recent years, health food experts have recommended focusing more on which foods should be included in their diet than on which should be excluded. In other words, it is not so much the specific foods that matter as the human diet as a whole.

Many scientists tend to think

that diseases such as metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases, as well as some cancers, can be partly caused by nutrition, and more specifically, a series of dysfunctions in different organs and systems, which in turn is partly due to nutrient deficiencies or imbalances.

Excessive consumption of transfats and saturated fats contained in red meat, poultry skin, butter and fatty dairy products and insufficient intake of unsaturated fats contained in vegetable oils, as well as the essential fatty acids contained, in particular, in fish, cause changes in the healthy balance of cholesterol fractions in the blood.

The body needs different fats, and they are absorbed differently – this process is individual. But it has already been proven that if the body absorbs some fats incorrectly, they will be deposited in the wrong places.

It is also important in what quantities and combinations such products are used

For example, so popular mayonnaise, being a fat-like substance, is very easy to digest (and how much it is calorie!) and supplies the body with a mass of non-peaceful substances (of which it often consists – cheap refined oils, sugar, flavorings, dyes, antioxidants and other chemicals).

In some studies, it has been shown that a particular microflora is formed in the intestine due to a certain diet, which influences the development of the disease. And another British study showed that an excess of iron, which is rich in red meat, can also contribute to intestinal cancer.

Anyway, you need to understand

that it is impossible to protect against diseases by giving up several «bad» products or using excessively «miracle products». But by providing your body with the right substances with a balanced diet, you can reduce the risk of chronic disease and increase your energy level in general.

The most important thing is to realize that there are no one-size-fits-all recommendations. It is necessary to listen to the needs of your body and adhere to the basics of functional nutrition.

Food, lifestyle, and sleep are important elements of our existence. Eat the right food, exercise, stay positive and sleep 100% organic linen! And we will help you with that.