Linen dish towels

Linen fabric has a whole mass of unique qualities, so valuable and important it is in the manufacture of towels. Since the material is natural, it is environmentally friendly and safe, then it is not scary to use it in direct contact with food. That is why linen fabrics for towels – one of the best choices in the production of fabrics of this kind.

You can literally fold legends about linen kitchen towels, they’re so good. Their advantages are more than obvious, especially if you have ever «exploited» a linen towel in your kitchen.

  • Wear resistance and durability – these qualities are the most illustrative for linen. If you dream of finding a material that will serve you faithfully and truthfully for several years (and maybe decades) to a series, then it is surely a linen. Linen towels are extremely wear-resistant due to the material, they are able to survive even in a fairly aggressive kitchen environment.
  • Hygroscopic – linen towels absorb moisture well, really wiping the product dry. At the same time, such a kitchen towel will not leave fibers on the surface of the wiped product, even if it is a glass ware.
  • Easy care – linen towels are unusual in their care, but unpretentious in general. To take care of them it is necessary to follow certain rules, which we’re gonna talk about later, but in this case linen towels can be subjected to a lot of different actions – washing at high temperatures, bleaching and other compassionate procedures.
  • Aesthetic appearance – Modern designers from all over the world increasingly use linen as the main material to create a basic interior. Most often, flax appears in the walls of the kitchen. That is why the use of linen towels – a real trend and a fashionable trend. The linen itself has an unusual texture and natural color, it can be used to create a variety of styles in the interior – from Provence to rustic style.
  • Antiseptic – linen towels have an antibacterial effect, which is very important for the kitchen space. When you wipe the dishes with a linen towel, you kill the extra bacteria off the surface of the dishes. Such towels are a real godsend for those who have children in the house.
  • Massage effect – no matter how amazing it sounds, but linen towels have a favorable effect on your hands. The flax gently massages the palms, improving blood circulation.

Linen Towel Care

Since we’re talking about the kitchen, the choice of towels should be competent and practical. In general, care for linen towels is easy, with regular and proper care, your towels will eventually become better. This is a paradox, but exactly the linen and the products from it that can improve over time as a good wine. With the long-term use of linen towels, products become softer, more pleasant to the touch.

  1. The right choice of cleaning and detergent is the key to success. It is very important to find a means by which you can effectively remove stains from the surface of flax, without contributing to the destruction of its structure. In order to protect yourself (especially when working with colored linen towels), choose powders or liquid detergents without adding whitening components to their composition.
  2. You can wash linen towels both in the washing machine and by hand washing method. For washing the washing machine should choose a delicate mode and temperature up to 20-40 degrees.
  3. You need to press linen towels at a minimum of revolutions. When hand washing is not necessary to unscrew the products – just hang it up.
  4. For drying use dryer, it will return the towel to its wrinkled structure and make it soft.
  5. If you decide to use the iron, then ironing the linen towel is necessary while it is still wet. In other words, dry the towel using an iron.

The role of linen towels for interior design

Buying a set of linen towels is easy, much more difficult to match this kitchen element into the space. At this point, you should wake up like a personal designer.


Linen as a material looks great in an ensemble with other natural materials. Linen towels can successfully become, though not a focal point in the kitchen space, but one of the attention-catching decorative elements.


So, how do we combine linen towels in the kitchen?

  1. Curtains – linen towels, echoing with curtains, will be a great choice for the kitchen space. Linen curtains will protect the room from penetration of too abundant sunlight.
  2. Upholstery of furniture – if you have a sofa or chairs in the kitchen, it is easy to cover them with linen fabric, but quite effective. In addition, you can sew pillow cases for decorative pillows and place them in space.
  3. Lampshade – wrap the lighting items linen lampshades can create a competent combination of overlapping materials.
  4. Linen tablecloth is what will give your kitchen the softness, comfort and desire to stay at the table for a long time.
  5. Together with linen tablecloth, it would be wonderful to use a table runner and napkins. Believe the view will be unforgettable and your guests will not remain indifferent, just like you.


If you are in search of material for kitchen towels, then no doubt give preference to such material as linen. This natural fabric is truly universal and has a lot of valuable qualities that are able to appreciate absolutely every mistress.